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This is a sample text :An ocean liner (also known as a trans-Atlantic liner[1][2]) is a ship designed to transport people from one seaport to another along regular long-distance maritime routes according to a schedule. Liners may also carry cargo or mail, and may sometimes be used for other purposes (e.g., for pleasure cruises or as hospital ships).

Cargo vessels running to a schedule are sometimes called liners.[3] The category does not include ferries or other vessels engaged in short-sea trading, nor dedicated cruise ships where the voyage itself, and not transportation, is the prime purpose of the trip. Nor does it include tramp steamers, even those equipped to handle limited numbers of passengers. Some shipping companies refer to themselves as "lines" and their container ships, which often operate over set routes according to established schedules, as "liners".

Ocean liners are usually strongly built with a high freeboard to withstand rough seas and adverse conditions encountered in the open ocean. Additionally, they are often designed with thicker hull plating than is found on cruise ships, and have large capacities for fuel, food and other consumables on long voyages.

As of 2012, the RMS Queen Mary 2 is the only ocean liner in active service in the world. In April 2012, the Australian mining magnate, Clive Palmer, announced his plans for building an ocean liner meant to be a replica of the RMS Titanic for trans-atlantic voyages.[4]


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